Hello 2019! Platfarm gets started on the challenge of a carbon neutral industry! by Oli Madgett

Preparation for the Cicada Innovation and Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) Carbon Neutral 2030 challenge is well underway. Today Oli Madgett from Platfarm spent the day in Sydney for a workshop.

The lofty goal is for the red meat industry to be carbon neutral by 2030, if Australia gets there we could be the first red meat exporting nation to do so.

Soil health and regeneration is at the heart of the Platfarm application. Using Platfarm’s smart device app we use precision agriculture to get a better understanding of soil input management and the ability to map changes overtime.


Thanks to farmer Jon Lovejoy, who runs a herd of Black Angus Cattle on his stunning property on the Finniss River in SA for access to his paddock & soil. It was great to do field work with Field Systems to do the EM38 soil mapping  as part of our entry into the challenge.

Jon Lovejoy from Finniss River, SA

Jon Lovejoy from Finniss River, SA

Hate tying tape on vines? Platfarm now has a feature for that! by Oli Madgett

We are thrilled to announce that Pins have been added as a feature to Platfarm.

Pins are your digital tape. No more stopping work, manually tying a piece of tape around a vine, and then coming back later to try and remember where a piece of tape is or what it was for.


With the Pins feature you simply tap the icon and a pin is added to the view. You don’t even need to stop spreading or whatever else you are doing. Simply come back later and update the information or leave a quick note.

When it’s ready to go back and fix the issues you’ll know exactly which vine to go back to and what the issue is. Better yet, you can hand the app over to someone else to go and sort tasks out!


We are really excited by this feature. It sounds simple, yet success in precision agriculture and farming applications takes intimate knowledge of the real pain points experienced on the farm. Platfarm knows this.

In testing, Pins has been the feature that farmers have connected with and asked for. We know operators don’t want to have their main task interrupted when they are doing something like spraying.

We think we have nailed this feature and this balance - and it will save you time, money and tape.

Keen to give this feature a try? We are taking interest in our next testing group now. Drop your details below and we can get you underway with Platfarm in early 2019.

In the Media: GFIA in Focus: Passion for Agtech Innovation on Display in Brisbane by Oli Madgett

Platfarm got a great write up in this article in Precision Ag online. And what an excellent pic of founder Oli Madgett and his super tractor! That tractor is such a great prop to show people how easily you can add a tablet and holder onto any farm vehicle.

From the article:

“Another interesting technology presented at the GFIA was Platfarm. Platfarm founder Oli Madgett explained in his presentation that his app enables grape growers to use variable rate scripts for mulch and compost, without the need for expensive monitors or other VR enabling equipment. First, a drone creates an NDVI map, after which Platfarm automatically draws in the vine rows. A viticulturist can then create the script and, when applying the mulch or compost, the machinery operated will get notified when the spreader should go to high, medium, or low output. This seems like a novel and low-cost solution that could easily be adopted anywhere in the world, regardless of the level of technology available to growers.”

Read the full article: GFIA in Focus: Passion for Agtech Innovation on Display in Brisbane

And want to learn more about the Platfarm story and Oli’s inspiration for sharing an app that has saved him time and regenerated his vines? Check out our About page.

Oli from Platfarm Speaks at the GFIA in Focus - Precision Agriculture in the Spotlight by Oli Madgett

This week Platfarm co-founder Oli Madgett joined innovators and farmers from across the globe for Global Forum for Innovations in Agriculture (GFIA) in Focus event in Brisbane. As a speaker and showcase innovator it was an honour for Platfarm to stand alongside the worlds best.

GFIA in Focus supports the Australian Government’s ambition to make agriculture a $100 billion industry by 2030. The event showcased hundreds of innovations to help Australian farmers and agribusinesses improve the sustainability and sophistication of their food production business.

Precision agriculture and smart farming is key to achieving the aims of governments across the world, like the Queensland government who want to double agricultural output in the State by 2040. Not just that, Queensland also want the industry to aim to be carbon neutral by 2050.

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