Hate tying tape on vines? Platfarm now has a feature for that! / by Oli Madgett

We are thrilled to announce that Pins have been added as a feature to Platfarm.

Pins are your digital tape. No more stopping work, manually tying a piece of tape around a vine, and then coming back later to try and remember where a piece of tape is or what it was for.


With the Pins feature you simply tap the icon and a pin is added to the view. You don’t even need to stop spreading or whatever else you are doing. Simply come back later and update the information or leave a quick note.

When it’s ready to go back and fix the issues you’ll know exactly which vine to go back to and what the issue is. Better yet, you can hand the app over to someone else to go and sort tasks out!


We are really excited by this feature. It sounds simple, yet success in precision agriculture and farming applications takes intimate knowledge of the real pain points experienced on the farm. Platfarm knows this.

In testing, Pins has been the feature that farmers have connected with and asked for. We know operators don’t want to have their main task interrupted when they are doing something like spraying.

We think we have nailed this feature and this balance - and it will save you time, money and tape.

Keen to give this feature a try? We are taking interest in our next testing group now. Drop your details below and we can get you underway with Platfarm in early 2019.