Platfarm makes it simple and cost effective for growers to manage their land with precision — helping to maximise yields while optimising inputs, minimising wastage, and increasing environmental sustainability.

Our app based technology runs on your phone, tablet, or on a custom tablet and holder pack that we can provide.

It’s cost effective, familiar, and reliable.

Our Story – Carrying out work with greater precision on our own vineyard

In 2014 British-born Oli Madgett and his wife Tara left executive media and fashion careers in London to return to her roots and raise their young family in the beautiful Willunga region of South Australia.

When they purchased a 6.5Ha vineyard in McLaren Vale, they inherited the previous grape contract with Treasury Wine Estates, and with it the advice of the Grower Liaison Officer. Their fruit had the potential to achieve top grading… if they could decrease the variability across the vineyard.

Oli and Tara Madgett and two kids in front of rows of grapes

Soil and vigour mapping insights into the variability showed a distinct change in soil type was splitting the vineyard. The Madgett’s knew they needed to invest in some heavy mulching — but not across the entire block.

There was no choice: the only way to let a contractor know where to start and stop work with the spreader was to print out the maps, and then go down every single vine row tying tape.

The Platfarm app was conceived as a digital version of vineyard tape.

There had to be a better way.

Before the move to Australia, Oli was an award winning game designer.

From that perspective, the problem looked subtly but significantly different.

Could there be a simple, cost effective, and portable way of looking at both the digital maps and the real farm, and using that to guide practical action?

It would do away with a lot of the clutter and confusion, too — because there are so many maps, and there’s so much data, and it’s all only as useful as your capacity to keep track of it, organise it, and use it to direct decisions and tasks.

Meeting Andrew, a developer from regional South Australia with a passion for spatial mapping, data, and agtech led to the first iteration of Platfarm.

In the first year Platfarm saved the Madgett’s time and money.

And being able to focus on the areas that need it, with precision, has really paid off in fruit quality.

In the first season most of their fruit was graded B & C.

After 3 seasons using Platfarm the vineyard is even, and for the first time in the farm’s history all blocks achieved Grade A in 2018.

The increase in fruit quality combined with the money saved by optimising inputs has seen a $2k/Ha profit increase with Platfarm.


Platfarm now has other users, and has gone through a number of versions to include improvements based on feedback from growers.

We are proud to have built an app that delivers on precision agriculture’s promise in a form that is affordable, cost effective, and easy to use.