Platfarm in cab being used by Jock Harvey at Chalk Hill

Thanks to Brand SA for this fabulous write up about Platfarm on their regional innovation section – Ag-tech app solutions delivering better results for farmers.

The article highlights the partnership we have in Langhorne Creek with Landmark to bring region-wide imagery for growers to access. We worked with one of our imagery partners SpecTerra to bring their world class imagery technology and expertise into the region.

From the article:

“Aerial imagery and maps from drones and satellites are key to Platfarm’s success. One of the early adopters of Platfarm was Langhorne Creek, a wine region that initially had little up-to-date and high quality aerial imagery or maps draw from.

“There was no region-wide imagery showing them the variability of their vines and so we shared the challenge with Langhorne Creek Grape and Wine Inc and Landmark to get an aircraft up and we took images of the whole region,” Oli says.

“The imagery has been basically given to that region so that it can be used by other ag-tech start-ups, not just Platfarm, so it’s a collaborative approach.”

“There is a gap for technology globally, there are 30 million tractors out there in the world that have no technology in them to help farmers carry to their farming with any precision, so it (Platfarm) really has opportunity.”

It’s a great article, you can read it in full via the Brand SA website – Ag-tech app solutions delivering better results for farmers.