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Who’s Driving This Tractor?

By 17 May 2022 No Comments

Platfarm has someone new in the driver’s seat, and the changeover couldn’t have have gone smoother even if we’d mapped the job in the app! 

CEO and co-founder Oli Madgett is leaving Platfarm for a new opportunity with Cloud Agronomics, a US organisation revolutionising soil carbon measurement. It’s an opportunity for Oli to be a part of a global team working on a global problem that Oli is committed to, and we’re so excited for him. 

What does that mean for Platfarm? Lyndsey Jackson will step into the CEO role. Lyndsey has been Platfarm’s CTO for the past two years, directing the development team building the app that you now find in the App Store and from Google Play, and leading Platfarm’s involvement in SVG’s THRIVE global accelerator program. 

Lyndsey has an abundance of energy and strong belief in Platfarm’s vision and its potential as a tool to change the way people are supported to work on their land. 

Paul Robinson, who has been working with Platfarm to lead the rebuild and back end architecture, steps into the CTO role. Paul is an extremely skilled developer who has worked closely with the Platfarm team and with farmers to understand the opportunities and challenges that are important to them. 

Of course you will still see Oli about the place — he’ll continue to be a big part of the Australian agtech community and will always be a co-founder.