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Wildfires, water insecurity and gophers

By 5 February 2020 No Comments
Grape vines in Napa Valley

This is the title for Platfarm’s CEO Oli Madgett’s article for the February issue of The Australian and New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker magazine (also published online). In the article Oli shares his learnings from his AgTech road trip across California late last year.

Calinfornia may be across the globe, but the issues they face echo ours – and there is a lot to be learned on both sides. Water security the most pressing faced by both regions. Groundwater extraction by grapegrowers in California has caused significant issues and now the government is intervening. Such intervention from government is not necessarily welcome, and this has impacts for technology adoption.

How is Australia faring when it comes to AgTech? Well, we realise that Oli is biased, but as a founder of the Adelaide AgTech community and someone connected to the ecosystem Australia wide we rate his opinion, which is:

Whilst San Francisco is currently taking the lead in terms of tech innovation, it certainly felt like the wine industry around Adelaide is ahead from a sustainability perspective – led by programs such as Sustainable Winegrowing Australia and initiatives such as the EcoVineyards project.

It’s a reminder that technical innovation is only as successful as the sustainability, farming methods, and on ground adoption of growers. We know Australian growers are world class, but a changing climate, increased demand for sustainability from customers, and opportunities in a global market, mean growing in ways that nurture the soil, use precision agriculture, and foster input efficiency is critical to increased yield at a reduced cost. Platfarm is being designed and built to do just that.

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