Adding a Vineyard Location and Address

The first step in creating a Vineyard is to add the name and set the location.

Create vineyard screenshot

If you have enabled location on your phone you will be able to use the Use Current Location option, or type the address into the search field.

Vineyard search box

Move the map to place the pin to the main entrance of your Vineyard, this may be different to your address, for example a service gate. You will be able to update your address on the next screen if required.

Need to change your Vineyard location or address? #

You can edit your Vineyard pin location and address information by tapping on your Vineyard mane and selecting Vineyard location. You will then see the Edit option in the top right.

Troubleshooting #

If Use current location is inaccurate or non responsive check that location is enabled on your phone. On an Android device swiping from the top of your screen usually pulls down the location option. Or visit the Settings area of your phone.