How to tap out Vinerows on a touch screen

You can draw and shape Vinerows on your smart device or on the web. There are some basic gestures that will help you tap out accurate maps of your land.

Navigating around the maps #

Move your finger on the touch screen to pan around and look at the map

Pinch two fingers to zoom out

Expand your fingers to zoom in

Draw rows in the direction you need #

The direction you tap the ends of your vine row will set the direction your rows are drawn in.

  • Tap top to bottom to draw left to right
  • Tap bottom to top, for right to left
  • Tap left to right for horizontal lines up
  • Tap right to left for horizontal lines down

Getting started with your first row #

Use your finger to move the map to line the centre white circle to the end of your vine row.

Once drawn, you can edit #

Use the right hand side action buttons to edit your rows. Tap the block of rows you want to edit. They will turn yellow and be editable.

You can edit rows in a number of ways #

  1. Shorten or lengthen all rows
  2. Fan your rows in or out for angled ends
  3. Extend your rows incrementally for curved rows

Shorten or lengthen all rows #

Select any one of the inner rows (not one of the two outside rows – you select these rows for the fanned edge option)

Fan your rows in or out for angled ends #

Tap one of the two end rows until the circle is purple.

On the edge of the row pull your finger in or out to set the angle of the fan. This move is best done on a large phone or tablet.

Extend your rows incrementally for curved rows #

Select the end row. You are then going to incrementally draw lines and tap out a curved row shape.